Consistently providing accurate and secure results demands a highly qualified, professional staff. Our team combines 100+ years of experience.

Elite Diagnotics’ corporate policies ensure that employees are able to carry out their activities in a manner that protects them from undue influence or pressure from internal or external sources. Testing and related activities are performed in compliance with the requirements of CAP, CMS, CLIA, COLA and the needs of clients. Testing methods utilized are based on methods that are used by reputable technical organizations, published by scientific literature, or specified by the equipment manufacturer. These methods include enzyme immunoassay screening, high performance liquid chromatography in tandem with triple-quad mass spectrometry to deliver results in the following areas: Chemistry, Endocrinology, Hematology, Toxicology and Genetics. Controls have been developed and implemented to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the laboratory division’s analytical data. Appropriate controls are maintained to ensure that test result data is protected and patient confidentiality is maintained.

Test results are reviewed and approved for release via the laboratory information system. Test results are transmitted to ordering physicians only after these results are approved for release. Patient confidentiality is maintained throughout each phase of testing, including pre-analytic activities, analytic and post-analytic activities, internal quality audits, and quality assessment.

Our President is a practicing physician with Board Certifications in Orthopedic Surgery, Spine Surgery and Addiction Medicine. His responsibilities include the over guidance of the company towards its mission.

Our Clinical Consultants cover a broad spectrum of healthcare from primary care, obstetrics, genetic counselors, pain management, to psychiatry. This team of doctors and healthcare providers ensures the company’s focus on patient quality and providing personalized, relevant data for practical healthcare decisions.

Our Laboratory Director responsible for laboratory operations is a licensed Medical Doctor, who is board-certified both in clinical and anatomical pathology.

Our Business Office Manager has over 20 years’ experience in Billing, Collecting, and Financial operations of Healthcare entities. She is responsible for ensuring compliant business practices.

The Lab Supervisors are PhDs in Analytic Chemistry with a broad background in Molecular Biology and extensive experience in research and esoteric test development from centers of academic excellence. The scientists are responsible for ensuring the test methodologies meet and exceed the levels of validation required by COLA and CLIA to perform high-complexity testing.

Our Operations Manager has over 15 years experience operating in healthcare entities and ensures patients and physicians are the primary focus Elite Diagnostics.

Our Compliance Officer is an attorney who graduated from a top law school and has a vast experience in government regulations. She solely focuses on ensuring Elite Diagnostics’ compliance with state, federal and local laws and nationally established ethical guidelines.

About Elite Diagnotics

Elite Diagnostics is a Highly Complex CLIA certified Lab based in Crown Point, Indiana. We use state of the art technology coupled with rigorous quality control guidelines to provide prompt and reliable test results for physicians and their patients.